Custom Service

We offer custom services to personalize your deck upon request. Each deck is unique and made specifically for you. Please note that extra fees apply depending on the level of customization requested.

If any designing is required we offer design fees starting at USD 20. Prices include the board(s), wall mounts & screws and shipping.
Our custom single board hand printed are USD 298 if the file is supplied. Prices include the skateboard, wall mounts and screws.

If you already have a design please send it via Google Drive or any other link-share transfer to If you'd like to have your own design made, please send the details to and we'll get in touch.

Specifications for supplying your own designs:

  • Vertical boards - 2700pxW x 9900pxH
  • Horizontal boards - 9900pxW x 2700pxH
  • CMYK colour (RGB is accepted but will automatically be converted)
  • 300dpi - file size less than 100mb
  • JPEG or PNG


Once we receive your file, we will arrange the production immediately. The production time will take 7-10 days, and we will show the finished product to you for confirmation after the production is completed.

*Please note these are handmade and each deck and design may slightly differ from the picture.*

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at