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At Resinyart, we believe that skateboard home decor is an art form that should surpass traditional concepts. It should boldly pursue personalization and uniqueness, allowing ordinary spaces to be infused with artistic inspiration and distinctiveness. With this conviction, we merge wood and resin together to create truly one-of-a-kind skateboard handmade home art pieces.
These skateboard pieces boast impeccable details and unique styles, crafted with meticulous carving, exquisite finishes, and innovative designs. Each product showcases distinctive personality and incomparable beauty.

Believe me, home decor should not simply fill a space. What you need are art pieces that, through superb craftsmanship and unique design language, seamlessly blend the aesthetic beauty of skateboard art into your living space.

Resinyart's mission is to provide a distinctive decorative experience for homes worldwide, enabling everyone to discover the harmonious fusion of space and skateboard art. We encourage people to break free from traditional thought patterns and fearlessly pursue differences. Whether you prefer modern styles or classical elegance, whether you have a sensitivity for design or a passion for art, Resinyart will meet your pursuit of quality and aesthetic appeal.

Business address: Room 115, No.2 Liangma 1 Street, Xiaowu Village, Dongchong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China

Customer Service Email: resinyart@outlook.com

Contact number: +8618688412314

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